MBA Entrepreneurs Network

Join a community of 80+ MBA students and grads who have pledged to help each other build businesses!

  • Hand-picked group of entrepreneurs across business schools

  • Kickoff Event: meet and greet

  • Access to community member directory and resources

  • Access to invite-only Slack workspace, LinkedIn group, WhatsApp chat

  • Previous events have included: Guest speakers (Founders Fridays), member-organized in-person meetups, ideation/workshopping sessions

Think you might be interested?

How to Join
1. Fill out an application form by September 5th
2. If selected, remit one-time membership dues of $100 (lifetime access).
Why do you collect dues?
Dues are a pledge/signal that you're serious about building a business and that you are committed to the community. They also function as a reserve for purchases that can benefit the group (e.g., SaaS subscriptions to run the community). Dues are currently discounted; price increases to be expected for future cohorts
Who’s in the community?
- 80+ members committed to entrepreneurship (current students and alumni)
- Students representing Booth, CBS, GSB, Haas, HBS, Kellogg, LBS, MIT Sloan, Wharton, and Yale SOM
Who are we looking for?
You! Building a business or plan to soon? We'd love to meet you!
We evaluate all general interest forms, then extend invites to a hand-picked set of applicants (500+ and counting).We prioritize those who demonstrate commitment to starting a business and strong capacity to contribute to the community. We have a selection process in place to maintain a level of familiarity within our community.Programming and community-building activities are focused on supporting members who are actively working on their ventures.When do we onboard?
We typically onboard one cohort in the Fall and one in the Spring semester.
Other Questions?
Email us at [email protected]